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Hi there, I'm Abby! And I've been on quite the journey. 

In 2013, my life turned upside down. I was working as a full-time RN case manager at my community hospital while still raising my four children, loving on my pets, and trying to be a good wife. When I first started experiencing severe symptoms like joint pain, muscle aches, fevers, migraines, and extreme fatigue, I just thought I had a really bad strain of the flu, but the symptoms wouldn't go away. I wasn't getting any better. Even while trying to treat my symptoms with multiple antibiotics and cough syrups, I tried to keep up my normal routine and work, but that was proving extremely difficult. Eventually, my doctor ordered me to stay home, and I was off of work for FIVE months.  During that time, I took eight Percocet a day to deal with the pain in my joints and muscles. 

In addition to the heavy doses of opioids,  I was on twelve different prescription drugs. I had been diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome,  Lupus, Fibromyalgia, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a fatty liver, Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), Sacroiliac Joint Disease (SIJD) with pelvic torsion and adrenal fatigue. I also was diagnosed with depression and anxiety...but who wouldn't be with the mouthful of diagnoses I had been handed? 

If I wanted to heal, doctors explained to me that I needed to change my lifestyle. I would need to change almost everything.  My doctors wanted me to leave my job and go on disability. They said I wouldn't have a good quality of life without a massive lifestyle change. My job as a nurse was a stressor. The foods I was eating were negatively impacting me. I still had a family to raise on top of all of this.

When my husband recommended that I heal and recover full-time from the onslaught of illness I had been experiencing, I knew it was time.  Dealing with these health issues became so painful for me and my family, I did have to leave my job as a nurse - a job and calling that I loved so much. ​

While no longer working, and trying to heal, one morning, I woke up crying in pain. It was all too much, and I asked God to take me because I had had enough. At that lowest moment, when I wanted to give up entirely, an overwhelming calm came over me, and I felt compelled to turn on my TV...the only thing I had any energy to do. The show on was about the proliferation of toxins in our lives. From the food we eat, the cleaning products we use, the health and beauty products we use on a daily basis, the environment we live in... we are constantly exposed to and absorbing toxins into our bodies. It was a lot of information, and I wondered, “Is this the answer to my prayers?”  Somehow, I felt sure of it. It was the turning point that I needed to detox my life. After I saw that show, I started seeing articles, magazines, books and more on natural living and detoxing everywhere. My prayers to leave were answered with a new way to live.


That's when I was miraculously introduced to essential oils.

Abby George of Abby's Better Life - Clean Living and Loving It!
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I started noticing that people I came in contact with during my illness could teach  me different ways to heal. For example, I was in so much pain, I couldn't turn my neck to get my hair washed at the hair salon. My stylist rubbed an essential oil on my neck called "Deep Blue" to help with the pain control of my muscles. It was amazing!!  Finally, a little relief! Later, she sent her sister-in-law to my house to educate me on using essential oils to begin assisting in my natural health and healing journey. With her help, I was well on my way to becoming an independent distributor for doTerra Essential Oils. 

All of the oils helped me in immense ways. I slowly started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The intensity of many of my symptoms began to lessen. Oils like Deep Blue, OnGuard, and more made it possible for me to truly begin healing. I started replacing a lot of my household items and products with doTerra products. I would diffuse oils, ingest them, and apply them topically to lessen pain, ease nausea, and get moving. 

When I began incorporating doTerra's Life Long Vitality line of dietary supplements into my daily routine and medicines, I couldn't believe my results. Within a couple of months, I had more energy, fewer GI upsets, less pain, and a better mood. As I started out on this wellness journey and delved further into my research, I slowly began to understand there were many other ways I could heal my body and protect my family.


About Abby

When I felt the amazing benefits of incorporating essential oils into my health and wellness routine, I started to look around for more holistic modes and methods I could incorporate into my home and daily life. One day in 2014, a friend of mine invited me to a home Norwex party.  It was something I had never heard of. I really wasn't feeling well that day, but I knew deep down that I needed to go. When I went to the party, I saw this amazing demonstration of how Norwex products remove 99% of bacteria off of any washable surface with just water - no harsh chemicals at all! At the party, I learned that I could clean 90 percent of my house with just water and microfiber!!  I was sold! With the array of Norwex products available, I knew I could save money, save time in cleaning, save our environment, AND save my health. I felt it was my destiny to become an independent consultant for Norwex. I found out that I wasn't the only one looking for a solution like this when my business EXPLODED with consultants. Within three years I became a top leader in Norwex. In fact, my income actually REPLACED what I had previously made as a nurse! 

The changes I made were working.  I was able to remove eight

Abby George of Abby's Better Life becoming a Top Seller with Norwex

of the twelve medications that my doctor had prescribed to me in 2013, BUT I still was not back to one hundred percent. My body was still inflamed, the energy was hard to come by, and I wasn't still happy with my overall health. 

What I realized then was that my eating was out of control! All this time I had been cleaning my house naturally, treating my symptoms, but not addressing one of the biggest contributors to my state of wellness. Up to this point, I was feeding my depression - LITERALLY. I was treating my feelings with sugar, processed foods, and chemical-laden carbs. I knew I needed to continue on my Better journey, but changing my eating habits was harder than other changes I made up to this point. 

Another angel friend came into my life. Kristen introduced me to a supplemental drink that would change my life AGAIN. 

Abby's physical transformation using ketones and a keto lifestyle
Abby's physical transformation using ketones and a keto lifestyle
Pure Therapeutic Ketones

In 2018 I was at a low point again in my life. I didn't like the way I looked,  and I still didn't like the way I felt. Essential oils and natural cleaning methods took a huge burden off of my shoulders,  but I knew I needed to incorporate more healthy eating habits into my daily life. I had to remove the toxins I was feeding myself! That's when ANOTHER angel friend entered my life and recommended I try Pruvit's pure therapeutic ketones.

My friend Kristen, a fellow Norwex consultant, kept asking me to try her "ketones!" I ignored her for 8 months because I thought she was just trying to sell me another weight loss product that wouldn't work for me. Boy was I wrong! She insisted that these drinks would put me in ketosis in 30 minutes, and I would be burning fat for fuel, feel better, and have more energy. I thought she was crazy. 


I went on an amazing dream vacation to Cancun with my family, and while I was thrilled to be at the beach and with my husband and children, I was miserable with my body - weighing in at 208 pounds.  I told myself that I was busy - a 49-year-old wife, mother to 4 kids and 7 fur babies, running two businesses from home. I didn’t have time to make exercise a priority. Being miserable on a vacation, I knew I needed more change, and when I returned home, I called Kristen and met with her to get pure therapeutic ketones. I would try what she recommended and a Reboot out of desperation because I couldn't go to my first weigh-in at Weight Watchers as a "Gainer."


On August 19, 2018, I started my first Reboot...60 hours of ketones and fasting. By the end of the 60 hours, I lost 5.8 pounds! To say the least- I was a changed person, and I felt I was on to something special. In only two months, I was purchasing a dress four sizes smaller and feeling excited about wearing it to an upcoming wedding. I couldn't believe it!! 


I decided I needed to share my experience with therapeutic ketones and help people feel better because, as Chuck Kastor would say "Don't be mean; if you feel great, share your story with others!" With the help of the  amazing Pruvit community and team- I ranked up to COC within 2 months! 


My mission in life has always been to help others which is why I became a nurse.  When I was sick, others helped me and showed me a new way. Essential oils, cleaner cleaning, and finally Pruvit gave me health!  And now I have a new avenue for helping people feel BETTER and earning an awesome income and FREE Ketones! 


Within four months I lost a total of 40 pounds but gained so much more just from drinking two  packets a day, eating low carb, lazy keto, and rebooting monthly. I have LOST the Negative things in my life, and I have gained so much more! MORE Friends, MORE energy, MORE restful sleep, MORE money, MORE confidence, MORE Fat loss. This is my story, and I have MORE sharing to do because there are so many people that feel like I did. I love Pruvit and their awesome life-changing products! I LOVE Pruvin' it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Thank you Kristen for not giving up on me!

After beginning this lifestyle change on keto and pure therapeutic ketones, I knew this was sustainable for me. I knew that THIS was the life that God intended me to live! Happy, healthy, and helping others. I'm no longer a nurse in the traditional sense - in a hospital or doctor's office - but my mission is now stronger than ever to help people get healthy and live their best lives. 


With all the BETTER changes I've made in my life since 2013, I was finally able to eliminate ALL medications I was prescribed when I was first diagnosed all those years ago. I live my best life by helping others live a healthy lifestyle that gives me so much energy! I have the time and energy to enjoy my family, travel, love on my fur babies, and take care of my "patients."


Follow me to the way of wellness! You are the placebo. You have the power of wellness. Sometimes you just need help getting started. I had to go through what I had to go through so that I could educate others. Let me help YOU start your Better journey!


My Passion Is Helping To Change Lives

Left: My friend Marcy and I worked for Norwex together, working to clean up our lives and help others do the same. When I found pure therapeutic ketones...I couldn't help but share with my Norwex family! Look at the difference this natural solution has made in our lives. 


My Why

My family is the most important thing to me and the biggest reason I started this journey. 

Maybe You Want To Join My Cause


For now, maybe you're new to the world of clean living, but if you're passionate like me and want to help others live a clean and healthy life, you can absolutely join me in my cause! Once I saw the impact these small changes made in my life and my family's life, I knew I had to share my experience with others. Your personal testimony could be enough to start a new, abundant life for yourself.